Misunderstood dog who ‘chewed off her back paw’ now up for worldwide adoption

She has spent about 600 days in kennels – but isn’t any closer to securing a new home. Poor Maya was taken in by Miracle’s Mission, a rescue dedicated to saving animals from dangerous situations, in December 2020 after being found in a “very bad way”.

The misunderstood pooch had “chewing and growling issues” with her two back paws – and had been gnawing at them for a long period of time. She had to have one of her back legs amputated to stop her habit – and now lives as a three-legged dog.

Speaking about the crossbreed, Victoria Bryceson, who set up Miracle’s Mission in 2015, said: “The vets think that the chewing resulted from a psychological, habitual issue perhaps combined with nerve pain. The chewing ranged from mild to severe.

“Maya has had her back leg amputated and has now fully recovered from this procedure.

“The amputation, coupled with new medication has reduced the instances in which she becomes aggressive towards her back leg.”

Although the six-year-old is currently under the care of a veterinary behaviourist in Glasgow, Scotland, she can be rehomed anywhere in the world.

Victoria added: “Due to Maya’s complex needs, and a lack of interest in her, we are open to finding Maya a suitable home worldwide and would be open to funding a paid foster home for her.

“Maya is a very special girl and she requires somebody with lots of time, patience and experience of dogs exhibiting aggressive behaviour.

“If you can offer this to Maya she will give you so much love and lots of laughs back in return. She loves her toys and sunbathing in the garden!”

Maya would like to live in a pet-free home without children so she can receive all the “time and dedication that she needs”.

Miracle’s Mission is a UK registered animal welfare charity who work predominantly in the UK, Borneo and Egypt.

A statement reads: “Our mission is to provide a place of safety for animals in danger, to educate on the needs of neutering both pets and strays and to neuter stray dogs and cats to prevent the birth of more animals onto the streets.

“We also rehabilitate and rehome dogs in need, often with disabilities, from our UK rescue base.”